Senior Developer Node.JS, React.JS
Friday, May 10, 2019

A Senior Application Developer with 5+ year’s relevant experience in development, and continuous integration and deployment of Node.JS / React applications and associated API service architectures implemented on an AWS serverless architecture. 

  • Experienced in the factors for architecting and developing micro-services-oriented architectures with elastic scalability and integrated cybersecurity enabling “edge” services frameworks that can be continuously updated in a totally automated fashion
  • Crave the challenge to solve complex problems that influence the growth of a thriving  company
  • Possess the ability to learn new technologies and languages on the job as needed to  solve problems as they arise
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, drive for excellence and attention to detail
  • Possess confidence, patience and flexibility in an evolving environment
  • Have proven organizational management skills, and a proactive writing style, and are  independent and deadline-driven
  • Experienced in the handling of extracting and manipulating complex data relationships  utilizing document-oriented data structures and configuring these data sets for optimal processing by machine leaning and artificial intelligence applications to get accurate data outcomes.
  • Have hands-on working knowledge in the use of relational and non-relational data  management systems and BigData structures
  • Have hands-on working knowledge of deploying AWS serverless architectures utilizing  Amazon’s CloudFront, Lambda, S3, Route 53, Cognito, Neptune, Elastic Search, Aurora,  RedShift, DynamoDB, Athena, Glue, Machine Learning  (Set of ML tools)


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