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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Unless you are looking for a seasonal job, your search may be frustrated this time of year.  As budgets wrap up, executives take vacation, and cold weather rolls in, many industries see a slow in the hiring process.  The best time to look for a job is always when you aren’t desperate, but there are specific times of the year that are more fruitful as well.

For finance and accounting jobs, January through March is the busiest time of year, meaning interviews can be hard to come by.  However, there is also less competition for available openings.  April through May is when much of the hiring is done, but that means there are more applicants.

For technology openings, it really depends on the industry you are targeting.  It’s worth the effort to find out if the company you want to work for is closed for two weeks at the end of the year, dead during the summer, or slammed in the spring.  Leverage that information in your application.

As the holidays approach, resist the urge to put your job search on hold.  Many applicants take a break from applying for jobs during hectic winter months, but doing so isn’t beneficial.  Use holiday parties as an opportunity to network and take advantage of the lull in competition to get your name heard.

Regardless of the season, RJ Byrd is always available to help you with the next step in your career.  You can view opportunities online or contact us for Mid Management and Executive level positions.

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