Making the Most of Your Career Search: Part One
Sunday, May 28, 2017

Welcome to our summer series on “Making the Most of Your Career Search.”  Job changing and unemployment can be daunting and terrifying at times.  The reality is, sometimes the scariest aspect is just the fear of the unknown.  Just like many obstacles in life, once you’ve worked your way through changing a career path or finding employment after a layoff, you’ll be stronger and more confident in yourself and the overall process. 

When you’re more established in a career, any change, whether it’s by choice or by chance can create a sense of helplessness and intimidation.  Our society has their identity so wrapped up in their occupation that it seems as though you’re altering a piece of who you are.   But just like so many other life circumstances, knowledge becomes power and you can easily equip yourself with the tools to excel further in your career.

Over the next few months we’ll take a look at how to market yourself and your experience in a way that catches a prospective employers’ attention.  Each month we’ll focus on a different topic ranging from updating your resume, to the importance of a customized cover letter, to how you can utilize LinkedIn and networking to maximize your opportunity for advancement in your field. 

Be sure to catch each installment of this four part series.  Please keep in mind that RJ Byrd has a team of professionals designated to help you achieve your goals on your determined career path.  Contact us at (214) 343-1700 any time for more information or help with your job search.


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